While I was at the Clinic!

It's a two post Monday! the first one is on something I was thinking about while I was in the clinic.(For my regular readers,who are wondering why would I be in a clinic for a mere case of measles,it's because I stay in a hostel,and anyone who comes down with a contagious disease is treated … Continue reading While I was at the Clinic!


On Sick Leave

Sick. Measles. No posts for the next fortnight,I guess. What a way to start my twenties. Duh.

HBD to me-The Year That Wasn’t!

And the 20th year of my life starts today!Going by average life expectancy I have lived more then one-fourth of my life!There have been ups and downs,but yes,life has been exciting. Looking back over the last year,the one thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction and happiness is starting to blog!Easily the best thing to … Continue reading HBD to me-The Year That Wasn’t!

One Fine Saturday Evening!

Sometimes you don't know what's happening with life until one fine evening you realize you have found a place you want to be in!Seven months into college life,I was doing everything any normal first year would do when he comes to a new place,outside the constant watch of his parents,for the first time in his … Continue reading One Fine Saturday Evening!

What Is India?

Was in the main market zone of Bhubaneswar a few days ago.It goes by the name of Unit III.While waiting for some Papri Chaat ,saw these two ladies.Foreigners.They came up to the Papri Chaat stall and started taking photos.Of what?No,not the Papri Chaat being made,nor of the man making it,but the photo of the fact … Continue reading What Is India?

The Boy Who Knew Too Much

This is a story i promised a friend a month ago in response to her post.Finally,here it is Sharmishtha ! Here is the link to her post .Do drop by her blog.Er,did I say 'blog'?!Sorry,I take that back.Because you see she has eight blogs,and no the quality does not suffer due to the quantity in … Continue reading The Boy Who Knew Too Much

Unwritten Memories

Eat, drink, sleep, work. The hundred banalities of a nondescript existence. Where is life when you want to describe it? A request-can you all,for once,curse our education system?! Here's a small poem though! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All the doubts I never bared All the fears I never shared All the works I would never quote And all … Continue reading Unwritten Memories