Truth?Or Lies?

One of my favorite ways to pass time is to go over to the TED app on my iPad and watch speech after speech.Today I stumbled across this speech by this courageous woman who fled from North Korea.This post however is not on her escape neither on the problems of North Korea.The first minute of … Continue reading Truth?Or Lies?


Quickies #7.

REMEMBER THEM? It’s his height that makes you remember.How else would you have noticed him among the crowd waiting to cross the road? The traffic light in front of you turns red and you smooth to a halt. He steps on to the road from the pavement. His posture is straight, just like you remember … Continue reading Quickies #7.

On A Necessary Break!

Well yes,this break has been a long one by any standards.However,I hardly had any choice,what with moving to a new city for pursuing my U.G in B.Tech and more importantly,settling down to life,as it is,in a hostel! The charm of blogging though,is hard to resist,so here I am-back with the first post from my hostel … Continue reading On A Necessary Break!