Why Does That Happen?

Found this short poem while going through my diary from last year.Sharing with you doesn't hurt any,so here goes! ............................. Why Does That Happen? From all the time to once a week, From meetings to emails, From calls to texts, Why does that happen? From so close to secretive, From acceptance to accusations, From forgiveness … Continue reading Why Does That Happen?


Unwritten Memories

Eat, drink, sleep, work. The hundred banalities of a nondescript existence. Where is life when you want to describe it? A request-can you all,for once,curse our education system?! Here's a small poem though! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All the doubts I never bared All the fears I never shared All the works I would never quote And all … Continue reading Unwritten Memories

College Life-It’s Started!

  Here are just some of the things I have been up to in the last one and a half months!Hope it brings back memories of your college days! ........................................   1.Physics test the day after.Everywhere you look you see tense faces.The first real test in college afterall!There are four of us in my room.Watching … Continue reading College Life-It’s Started!

A Friend,An Achiever

This post is on a friend and how the saying "it is never over till it is over" is so true. Speaking of adages,the photo takes it a step further from the very famous one we use,doesn't it?! Let's not digress! Ten days ago IIM Indore released the list of successful candidates who aced the … Continue reading A Friend,An Achiever


Today's post is special in the sense that I did not write it at all! A friend of mine,and a frequent visitor of this blog is the one who has written this gem.After a long session of sycophancy and sweet-talk she has agreed to "think about" opening a blog at WordPress.That is,if this poem gets … Continue reading CASTLES OF LOVE

As I See It

I am drunk.Just a wee bit,but drunk all the same.So if this post doesn't make sense,just ignore! Moving to a new city at the end of this month.College.Leaving behind friends.Memories. I am sure I will make enough new ones,and believe me I am raring to leave! All the same,this got me thinking about the term … Continue reading As I See It


The problem with abbreviations is that at times people don't really know what they mean,but still use it because others around them are! This happened a couple of years ago.I had injured myself while playing cricket and was bedridden. On the second day of the ordeal,I got a text message from a friend.Don't remember the … Continue reading LOL!