Why Does That Happen?

Found this short poem while going through my diary from last year.Sharing with you doesn’t hurt any,so here goes!
Why Does That Happen?

From all the time to once a week,
From meetings to emails,
From calls to texts,
Why does that happen?

From so close to secretive,
From acceptance to accusations,
From forgiveness to bitterness,
Why does that happen?

From understanding to confusion,
From laughter to silence,
From sureness to jealousy,
Why does that happen?

From love to indifference,
From caring to convenience,
From best friends to acquaintances,
Why does that happen?

A Friend,An Achiever

This post is on a friend and how the saying “it is never over till it is over” is so true.
Speaking of adages,the photo takes it a step further from the very famous one we use,doesn’t it?!

Let’s not digress!
Ten days ago IIM Indore released the list of successful candidates who aced the interviews for Integrated Programme In Management.For the unacquainted,IPM is a new course offered at IIM-I only,where 124 of the countries brightest students are admitted each year after their +2 boards and come out with an MBA degree after 5 years.
My friend,as it happened,did not make it.She got a status of waiting list-15.Not many people would hope of still making the cut,especially when you are talking about an IIM.Neither did she.All hell broke loose.To say that she was devastated would probably be an understatement,and crybaby that she is,we had a tough time keeping her away from the tissue paper boxes!
Then again,when you come that close to living a dream,you can’t help but be devastated.

Cut to today,and she got a call in the morning that allowed her to jump up to the 99th cloud,don’t you worry about the 9th!
Yes,all hell’s broken loose again,she has made it!
Though there’s sadness that a friend would leave us,the moment we remember what she has achieved,all sadness goes for a hike up Mt.Everest!
Well done Eva !
Darned IIM grad,here’s wishing you an excellent 5 years!
Here’s a toast raised from all the friends you are leaving back in KIIT.
We hardly know each other for a month,and still get along so well.God knows where it would have ended if you had stayed back with us for four years!