Always half empty.

" The world seems pretty boring until you stop to think that there are whales. 90ft long and 300,000lb animals who swim around singing sad songs. " You might ask how I know that they sing sad songs and not anthems of happiness. Well, I do not really. This is just a quote I found … Continue reading Always half empty.


The Journey

A little rusty I am sure, but here goes There were the early days,The days when I thought I would win.Blessed with the sun rays,Life as I would come to know it, was yet to begin. As days passed, the sun became strong Making life easy or was I wrong? I had left the string … Continue reading The Journey

Childhood Stories!

There are so many childhood memories,that once you start remembering,you have no idea how time flies! Remember when you were young and your mother would suddenly call out for you?She would then proceed to give you a ten rupee note and ask you to buy cashew nuts from Jamshed chacha's store?She would insist on the … Continue reading Childhood Stories!


Are We Ever Satisfied? This is the story of a man.A man who is out one morning on a leisurely jog. Now, at first glance he is not the sort of man who is likely to be out jogging. Or indeed the second or the third glance. Which is why, the man is out-of-breath five … Continue reading Quickies.#3


In every season there is bit of laughter, In every season there is a bit of pain. In every season there is a lesson, That makes us grow again. Distant memories flicker, Like fireflies at night. Sometimes bright and haunting, Then black.. slip out of sight. But what I have lived, is in me. And … Continue reading seasons

I Need To Fly

Today has been a hard day.Staring out at the evening sky,these lines started playing around on my head.Not that they have any link to my present state of mind,but now that I've made a poem out of them I feel better in a way.A sense of calm.A sense of satisfaction too,which comes only when I … Continue reading I Need To Fly

My Sky My Sea

My sky,my sea, Blue,as blue as can be, Clouds,give company high above, As I float the windy sea. In the stillness of this day, I let my heart fly free, It tugs upon my heartstrings, To break away from me. I pull it back,then let it go, Far above the trees, Above the tallest mountain, … Continue reading My Sky My Sea