The Journey

A little rusty I am sure, but here goesSmile

There were the early days,
The days when I thought I would win.
Blessed with the sun rays,
Life as I would come to know it, was yet to begin.

As days passed, the sun became strong
Making life easy or was I wrong?
I had left the string too loose,
The sun had set and the kite was about to fall .

I passed the night that way,
Fighting the cold and dew.
My destination was about to bend,
The rocky land was making it tough.
But I will reach the mountain
Undeterred by the rough.

Childhood Stories!

There are so many childhood memories,that once you start remembering,you have no idea how time flies!

Remember when you were young and your mother would suddenly call out for you?She would then proceed to give you a ten rupee note and ask you to buy cashew nuts from Jamshed chacha’s store?She would insist on the last part.It was her belief that he was the only shopkeeper in this world who did not have tempered weighing scales. The payesh was almost ready to be served,cardamoms pounded and ghee near at hand. Hurry, she would urge,you need not even change.It’s just round the corner!The guests are about to sit down for lunch.And you would run down to the store, slide the coin across the counter and ask Jamshed chacha for cashew nuts. He would take the note, slip it into his cash box and nod to the errand boy to carry out the task. The boy would tip a handful of cashews onto the scales, weigh them under the watchful eyes of his employer, wrap them in a newspaper cone and tie them with a small string of coir.

No sooner had you turned the corner, than the string would come undone. You would slip a few of the buttery nuts into your palm. And toss them all straight into your mouth. Then it would become a struggle to finish them without a trace before you reached home. Ma would have been waiting impatiently. You’d wipe your mouth with the back of your palm and hand over the hastily re-wrapped bundle to her. You’d smile when you heard her complain how much Jamshed chacha charged for such a small handful of nuts. You thought you had pulled it off again!
But you forgot, she was a little girl once.

Ma could not help smiling as she mixed the cashew nuts in the payesh.


Here’s a photo I found the other day!It was taken about the time I used to carry out my cashew nut heists!Memories-priceless.



Are We Ever Satisfied?

This is the story of a man.A man who is out one morning on a leisurely jog. Now, at first glance he is not the sort of man who is likely to be out jogging. Or indeed the second or the third glance. Which is why, the man is out-of-breath five or six minutes into his jog and he leans against a pillar to regain his breath. Which is when it catches his eye. Something small and shiny and no bigger than a coin. Which indeed it was.A 10p coin.
His lucky penny. With somewhat considerable effort, the man bends down and picked the coin up. This is a sign, he’s convinced. Why else would it put itself in front of him? There must be a reason why he stopped mid-jog at that precise spot. And that reason is now nestled in his palm. May be the coin meant that he would bag the contract that was pending for a month. Perhaps that bargain plasma tv that he was bidding for on eBay would be his.

His mind is buzzing with possibilities when it occurs to him that he was already quite lucky. A wonderful family, two holidays a year, regular pay raises, a mortgage that will be paid off in 6 short years. In fact, except for that bit of extra weight he was carrying around his stomach, he has very few complaints. The man hated it when such perfectly reasonable thoughts interrupted his mild euphoria (he was the kind of person who, for no apparent reason, remembered dying children in Darfur while watching Lewis Hamilton celebrate at the podium). So with a sigh the man tosses the coin back into dusty sidewalk. For someone less lucky to find it.

He just hopes they weren’t bidding for the same plasma T.V.


In every season there is bit of laughter,
In every season there is a bit of pain.
In every season there is a lesson,
That makes us grow again.
Distant memories flicker,
Like fireflies at night.
Sometimes bright and haunting,
Then black.. slip out of sight.

But what I have lived, is in me.
And makes me what you see.
What I hide inside me,
And what I want to be.
Struggles make us wiser,
Cuts and bruises sting.
But stronger they will forge you,
And confidence they bring.

And everyday I’m changing,
Shaped by what I know.
So many lessons I have lived,
So many left to know.
Some seasons go unnoticed,
Subtle, like the breeze,
A warm ray after winter,
A ripple on the seas.
Other changes come on
Tumultuous affairs,
Turbid like a waterfall,
Will humble you to prayers.

Today I woke up different,
Today I woke up free,
Today the sun seemed brighter,
I felt a new me!

I Need To Fly

Today has been a hard day.Staring out at the evening sky,these lines started playing around on my head.Not that they have any link to my present state of mind,but now that I’ve made a poem out of them I feel better in a way.A sense of calm.A sense of satisfaction too,which comes only when I write..
The first four lines you will notice are the same as the previous poem.Just thought would maintain the continuity,as the subject is roughly the same.

My sky,my sea,
Blue,as blue as can be,
Clouds,give company high above,
As I float the windy sea.

My heart feels like a kite,
It lifts as if to say,
Let me go,I need to fly,
Into my blue sky day.

My heart is soaring,dancing, laughing,
Troubles far away,
Among the clouds bathed in light
Happy just to play.
When it will set,I cannot tell,
There’s just no way to say,
Ever in love with life,
I will chase my blue sky day.