The Journey

A little rusty I am sure, but here goesSmile

There were the early days,
The days when I thought I would win.
Blessed with the sun rays,
Life as I would come to know it, was yet to begin.

As days passed, the sun became strong
Making life easy or was I wrong?
I had left the string too loose,
The sun had set and the kite was about to fall .

I passed the night that way,
Fighting the cold and dew.
My destination was about to bend,
The rocky land was making it tough.
But I will reach the mountain
Undeterred by the rough.

Unwritten Memories

Eat, drink, sleep, work. The hundred banalities of a nondescript existence. Where is life when you want to describe it?
A request-can you all,for once,curse our education system?!
Here’s a small poem though!

All the doubts I never bared
All the fears I never shared
All the works I would never quote
And all the poems I never wrote.
All the stories that remain untold.
The narrative that is yet to unfold.
Your past and present, all that is hidden.
A half-portrait serendipity drew unbidden.

Those threads of conversations, this tapestry of our making;
From the start, we only wove this tableau of inevitable parting!


I gather it’s about time for a poem on the blog.Nothing’s coming to my mind(is that what they call writer’s block?!).So I will just blabber!

Sunbathing at midnight,
Chasing stars in daylight,
Swimming in the desert,
Crying at your sight.
Talking with my mouth closed,
Seeing with no eyes,
Dancing when I am crippled,
Tethered with no ties.

Spinning while I am still,
Finding time to kill,
Dead but still alive,
Stabbing with no knives.
A soul full of inmates who have no crime,
Feelings with no emotion,
Making riddles with no rhyme.

Are these contradictions,
Words that make no sense,
Or is there a hidden meaning,
Stained in the contents?


Making a kaleidoscope
Of scenes captured,
Distant memories,
Time has fractured.
Not forgotten,
Not intact.

Tastes and smells and dreams
Bring back their colors bright,
As the sun shines through,
I am left with memories,
Holding on tight.

The way you smiled,
The games we played,
Fragmented reflections mould to make,
Pictures strong that time can’t take.